Why Your Child should See a Pediatrician

After the birth of your baby, you will begin to take your child to a primary care provider (a healthcare professional who provides care and advice) to monitor your child’s health. This caregiver can be a pediatrician, i.e. A2Z Care. As your child grows and develops, you probably will turn to him to inform him of your questions or concerns.

Should my child see a pediatrician or a family doctor?


Pediatricians treat both infants, children and adolescents. They handle regular care, vaccinations and sick child’s visits. In Bolingbrook, IL and the surrounding communities (Woodridge, Naperville, Lisle, etc.) , A2Z Care’s Pediatricians provide regular New Born Care, Parental Counselling, Well-Child Care Exams, Developmental Issues and School and Sports Physicals.

How do I find a Pediatricians?

It is not always easy, after the birth of a child, finding a pediatrician who agrees to follow the physical and psychological development of your toddler. To make your job easier, by the end of your pregnancy (seventh or eighth), begin your research to find you a pediatrician who will accept new patients. To help you in your efforts, you can always contact A2Z Care Med-Peds Specialists at 630-755 KIDS (6435). We will counsel you throughout the process even before your baby is born.

We provide comprehensive Pediatric care for the children of Bolingbrook, Nperville and southwest suburbs.

  • Monitor the health, growth and development of your child.
  • Schedule Immunizations.
  • Diagnose, explain and treat minor or more serious diseases.
  • Provide information and answer questions.

When should I take my child to a first visit to the doctor?

In general, a caregiver examines the newborn in the week following his discharge from hospital. During this first visit, the health care provider will perform the following:

  • Weight your baby and measure its size and head circumference (the headband).
  • Check if it has signs of jaundice.
  • Review the mother’s diet check how are your diet and determine how well the baby is feeding your baby.
  • Complete a physical examination.
  • Ask how the family is adjusting to the new baby.
  • Perform screening tests that have not been in the hospital.

It is not necessary that your pediatrician or your regular family doctor takes care of that first visit. This is sometimes provided by a doctor at the hospital where you gave birth however we at A2Z Care, our physicians performs your new born’s examination that can take place at home, in our office or a hospital where your baby is born.

What should I expect from a visit to the doctor for my child?

The appointment of the baby or well-child closely resembles the adult appointments of adults, but they relate to age and your child’s developmental stage.

Your baby should see the doctor regularly to 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months to 2 years, then annually to 5 years. From 5 years, your child should see their doctor every 1 or 2 years until age 18.

Appointment of the baby or child health lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Your doctor and his staff:

  • Verify the weight, height and head circumference of your child.
  • Discuss the eating habits of your child and answer all your questions about diet and physical activity.
  • Will give you safety tips and other advice related to the age and ability of your child, for example, the time to pass a car seat facing forward.
  • Confirm inform each stage of your child’s development, such as eating alone or learn how to wash him/herself.
  • Shall ask the social and emotional development of your child as learning words. When your child grows, it is the right time to discuss learning disabilities in school and social or emotional problems delete space. You can also discuss problems that occur at home.
  • Will conduct physical examination, including examination of his eyes and his ears.
  • Administer recommended vaccines
  • Can meet older children and adolescents without the presence of their parent or guardian for part of the visit.

If you have questions or concerns that may exceed the usual 15 minutes to an appointment, specify the doctor’s staff when you make an appointment. It will then be possible to provide enough time to respond to your concerns.

How can I make the most of the visit to the doctor?

  • Make a list of your concerns. Bring it to remind you to speak during the meeting.
  • Make note of all symptoms that your child has. When it comes to health, all the symptoms are important.
  • Bring a list of medications your child.
  • Bring immunization record of your child.

How can I schedule an appointment for my child?

Whenever possible, plan the visit at a time when your child does not usually nap.

  • Use a medical kit toy to show your young child everything will the doctor during the appointment. You can also bring a doll or favorite stuffed animal, for it to be examined with him. Your child will feel perhaps more relaxed during the real appointment.
  • Young children may find it difficult to sit quietly in the doctor’s waiting room. Bring some books, a favorite toy and a snack to keep him busy and happy while waiting.
  • If your child is older, explain why he/she will be visiting went to the doctor. Use simple words, easy to understand. If there is a regular appointment, tell him that all children go to the doctor to assess their growth and development. Be honest about what should happen during the exam.
  • Explain to your older child or your teenager that he can see the doctor without your presence. This will feel perhaps more comfortable talking to the doctor.