How Critical is an Annual Check-Up for Your Child?

Illinois Pediatricians Explain The Main Benefits Of Well- Child Visits

As soon as your baby is born, you will have to start visiting a Bolingbrook IL pediatrician for regular checkups. In the beginning, you’ll need to see the pediatrician every month or couple of months to make sure that your baby is hitting developmental milestones and to get needed vaccines. As your baby grows into a child, you’ll graduate into annual visits.

You may start to feel more comfortable about your child’s health and development as they get older and you can see that they are thriving. But don’t feel tempted to skip the annual check-up! This is still an important visit that you need to prioritize. Here are just a few of the benefits these visits offer that make them so critical:

How Critical is an Annual Check-Up for Your Child?

Early Diagnosis

One of the most important benefits that you get from your own annual check-up is also one of the most important benefits that you will get from your child’s check-up: Early diagnosis. If your child develops any illness or health problem, that is likely to be detected in its early stages if you are getting regular check-ups from your Bolingbrook IL pediatrician.

The earlier a diagnosis can be made, the earlier treatment can be given to improve the chances of a good outcome. Early diagnosis and treatment can also prevent more serious complications from developing. The more serious the health problem or illness, the more important early diagnosis and treatment is.

Regular Health Screenings

Your child is growing rapidly. At the same time, your child is also developing in many ways, and there is potential for things to go wrong along the way. Your child may develop vision problems or anemia. Your child could put on an unhealthy weight.

By visiting the pediatrician once a year, you will discover issues with your child’s development so that you can make changes to help them thrive. Your pediatrician will check your child’s height and weight, their vision and hearing, their reflexes, and sometimes their blood work. The goal is to get a complete understanding of your child’s health and development to ensure that everything is on track.

Get Feedback and Guidance on Lifestyle and Behavior

Your pediatrician is an important resource for you, as well. You may be experiencing struggles with your child, and your pediatrician can offer you guidance. For example, you may not be able to get your child to eat vegetables or get enough exercise. Or maybe you don’t know how much exercise your child should be getting. Your pediatrician can provide some answers. Or maybe your child is exhibiting some problem behaviors. You can talk through them with your pediatrician and get advice or referrals to specialists.

The annual check-up is the place to discuss a range of concerns about your child’s health, behavior, and development. If your pediatrician cannot give you direct feedback or guidance, they can refer you to the appropriate specialist to get the help you need.

Make your child’s annual check-ups a priority. You and your Bolingbrook IL pediatrician will work together to make sure that your child is healthy physically and emotionally and is meeting developmental milestones along the way. You’ll get early diagnosis and treatment if your child develops any poor health conditions, and you’ll regular guidance and feedback about your child’s health and growth. If you don’t currently have a pediatrician, now is the time to find one. Read local reviews to find the best Bolingbrook IL pediatrician and make an appointment for your child’s next check up.

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