Preparing Your Child For Their Routine Check Up

The Importance Of Well-Child Visits

Wellness checks are an important part of helping your child to stay healthy and strong. Your child needs to see their Bolingbrook IL pediatrician once a year to check in on their development, their emotional well-being, and their overall health. The pediatrician will make sure that everything is progressing in a healthy way and will identify any health concerns that you’ll want to watch.
You can prepare your child for these check ups by helping them develop healthy habits. Then the wellness checks will be quick visits with the doctor, followed up by a “well done!” Here are just a few of the things you can do to make sure your child is ready for these visits:

Mother & Daughter visiting their Trusted Pediatric Clinic in Bolingbrook

Offer A Healthy Diet

Kids would eat candy all day if you let them. They don’t have a good idea of what healthy eating looks like, nor do they have natural impulses to eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats that aren’t fried and nugget-shaped. You have to insist on these foods, and you have to serve them at every meal and for every snack.

Make a habit of preparing meals at home and making lunches and snacks to send to school. Introduce a variety of new foods often so that your kids get used to trying new things. Offer water for drinks and discourage or outright ban juice and other sugary drinks.

Encourage An Active Lifestyle

Many kids today lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle thanks to the popularity of television and video games. That can lead to poor health in childhood, and it can certainly lay the groundwork for inactivity, obesity, and health problems in adulthood.

Kids should be getting at least an hour of activity each day. They should be getting some of that in school or in child care. If they aren’t, consider switching day care providers or talk to the school about recess policies. You can sign your kids up for activities like soccer or other sports, as well as clubs that let them socialize with other kids while participating in physical activity. You can also take them to parks regularly and just encourage them to get outside and play. They can ride bikes, climb trees, or just run around playing games.

Don’t schedule activity or tell your kids that they have to get in a certain amount of exercise each day. Just encourage them to get the exercise each day as part of their normal routine. They will develop a healthy habit that they will carry into adulthood.

Stimulate Your Child’s Brain

Mental stimulation helps encourage healthy development. It can help students in school, as well as help them develop emotionally. Fortunately, it’s easy to stimulate your children mentally. You don’t need special schools or special games. You just need to talk to your children.

Just narrate your day or think out loud when you are driving. Ask them questions. Ask what they think about the things you say. Remember to use regular words that you would use with an adult. If they don’t know the words, it will encourage more conversation and learn.

Taking these simple steps will help your children become healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then, when you come into the pediatric clinic for the annual wellness checks, your pediatrician won’t have much to note. You’ll be able to check off healthy development milestone and spend the rest of the year with peace of mind about your child’s health.

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