Is Sports Physical Important?

The Benefits Of a Preventive Sports Physical Exam For Your Kids In Illinois

A sports physical exam performed by a Bolingbrook IL pediatrician, which is sometimes also known as a “pre-participation physical examination” or PPE, can be a very helpful tool when a child wants to participate in sports or athletics. In fact, in some states, completing a sports physical is a legal requirement before a child can be allowed to participate in sports activities. While a sports physical may be required in some cases for liability reasons, its primary purpose is to make sure your child has the physical ability to participate in sports and to make sure no precautions or additional safety gear may be required to protect your child from injury.

A kid that wants to participate in sports or athletics having sports physical in Bolingbrook, IL

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

If your child’s sports team is requiring him or her to complete a sports physical, or if you as a parent decide that you want to have one done for peace of mind, you can expect your Bolingbrook pediatric clinic to take care of all of the following at your child’s appointment:

  • Discuss your child’s medical history
  • Discuss your child’s overall health
  • Determine your child’s physical fitness level and capabilities
  • Evaluate any injuries that may have happened in the past, and how well they have healed
  • Discuss any medical conditions that may affect your child’s ability to play sports

Additionally, your child’s pediatrician will also perform a basic physical examination that will include checking your child’s heart, lungs, joints, and bones. Your Bolingbrook IL pediatrician may also measure your child’s height and weight, check their blood pressure and pulse, and complete a basic vision test. Altogether, the results of all these tests and discussions will be used to determine whether your child will need to take any precautions while playing sports, or whether they need to wear any additional safety gear to help prevent injuries. A sports physical is also an excellent time to talk about how any broken bones, sprains, or other injuries have healed and how they should be protected or may be impacted while your child is playing sports.

A Pre-participation Physical Examination Can Reveal Undiagnosed Conditions

While some people believe that sports physicals are not very important or do not provide an in-depth evaluation. They view sports physicals as the simple task of bringing a form to their physical to sign so that they can check it off their “to do” list and join the team. However, occasionally a sports physical will reveal dormant or undiagnosed conditions that you did not know your child had. These conditions may affect how they play in sports or require special consideration. A physical condition or injury does not necessarily mean that your child is unable to play sports, but instead, gives your Bolingbrook pediatric clinic the opportunity to advise you on how to manage your child’s condition so he or she can stay healthy while playing sports and avoid further injury.

Discuss The Possible High Or Low Risks Of Specific Sports

Usually, a sports physical will reveal that your child is perfectly healthy and able to play sports. However, even if your child does not have any conditions affecting their ability to participate in athletic activities, there are inherent risks to some sports that apply to all children equally. During your sports physical, a pediatrician may discuss some of these risks with you. You may also be offered advice on how to help protect against injuries while playing those sports.

Finding a Pediatrician To Perform Your Kid’s Sports Physical Near You

It’s important to find a compassionate and knowledgeable Bolingbrook IL pediatrician who will help your child feel as comfortable as possible during the examination. You’ll want to work with someone who takes the time to explain their procedures and their findings during the sports physical, and is happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. A good pediatrician will be skilled at working with children, empathetic, and provide information on how to manage your child’s health.

Schedule An Appointment For Your Child Sports Physical In Bolingbrook

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