Is Your Child Struggling With Potty Training?

Potty training is one of the hardest and the most significant tasks parents face at least once in their lifetime. It is more of a challenge that you need to cope with and win the task for your child’s future, but unfortunately, many young ones struggle during training, and parents find it very hard to make the child understand. It’s not an easy job, and many people end up giving up after a few tries.

Makingchildren leave their diapers is not an easy mission. Mainly when it comes to babies two and under, they resist going to the toilet or their potty seats and give their parents a tough time during the training.Accidents during potty training are a must, and it can get filthy and hectic at times. Not only that, but your child may need medical assistance in cases where you do not understand what they need or are facing. We have the Best Pediatrician In Naperville IL who would love to help you out in such cases.

Parents face a few common problems while training their children and a few reasons why your child may struggle with potty training.

Is Your Child Struggling With Potty Training?

Some of them are as follows.

Your Child Does Not Want To Go To The Potty At All

At times, you may think that it’s the right time for you to train your child, but it’s not. Children under two usually are more persistent than children who are above two.

According to Naperville Pediatrics, if children are mentally and physically unprepared to leave their diapers, putting too much pressure on them may frustrate them and feel pressured, resulting in a change in their behavior.

Lack Of Developmental Skills

Some children progress slowly, and you may find it hard to train them. You may want to go with the flow, but they might be scared of such a change. They may start late as compared to other children. Do not force them because they might just come under stress and develop stress, impacting their personality.

Accidents Sometimes Fright Children

Accidents during potty training are prevalent. They tend to happen repeatedly, and you might get upset with your child, but don’t be harsh or do not punish/scold them. At times in the start, you may feel that your child has more accidents than later. That’s because your child is just not ready for potty training. He may take time. So you have to be patient with him.

Children Find Potty Training Boring

Children tend to play more at this age. Potty training at such a young age is just not entertaining for them at all fun. You may want to make it interesting for your child. Get him a nice potty pot that has his favorite car or character. Take him outside with his pot. If you do not make it interesting for the child, you will eventually notice that he gets bored and continues to repeat accidents.

Lack Of Knowledge

Usually, children do not know when they need to have a proper bowel movement, and it is not easy for them to recognize. Peeing in their pants or urine leak at the start is very common. Children usually do not empty their bladder or sometimes hold it for so long that accidents occur repeatedly.

Expect Poop Accidents

Children have their fantasies and thinking. They might look at their feces and ask you questions. Do not upset them by scolding or saying no in a stern tone. Tell them that it is not nice for them or explain something they are disgusted with.

Boys And Their Urge To Sit And Urinate

Boys have more issues as compared to girls while potty training. Boys want to sit down while learning to go to the potty. You may want to let your little boy sit down. After he has mastered his bladder control, which may take a few months or weeks, tell him to stand up and urinate or show him his male family members, go to the bathroom. Cartoons are a great help too.

Fear Of Sitting On The Toilet

Children tend to get scared when they are new to the toilet. You may want to get them a nice and cozy pot potty at first for them to sit on. After they are entirely comfortable with it, you may like to eliminate their potty seat and introduce them to the main proper toilet seat.

Fear Of Getting Flushed In The Toilet

Children are scared sitting on the toilet seat. They think they might get flushed away too. It is a common problem that children usually face. The best way to get rid of this phobia is to let the children flush independently.

Your Child May Want To Wear A Diaper At Times

Problems while leaving the diaper are pervasive. Your child may not want to go to the toilet for the first few days. It might be challenging, but slowly and gradually, your child may start showing you signals. It may be hectic in the first few days, but if your child needs a diaper for his bowel movements, you may make him wear it so that it’s easy for you and him.

Your Child May Only Want You With Him In The Toilet

Since you’ve been training your child since the start, he may only want to go with you to the toilet and not with anyone else. His comfort level may only be at a peak with you in the early stages. Try giving your child some space by standing outside the door if you notice this behavior so that he is comfortable enough to be on his own or with anyone else when you’re not around.

Accidents While Sleeping

Accidents usually occur while sleeping for a long time. You may want some waterproof sheets or even a few extra-absorbent pants for the night. It may take time for your child to control his pee for the entire night.

After trying everything, if your child is still struggling or keeps on going back to diapers, you might want to visit a pediatrician for further assistance to rule out the main cause that stops your child from learning or being trained by you.



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