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    Our Services

    A2Z Pediatrics is proud to offer comprehensive child healthcare to Bolingbrook and the surrounding areas. We know your desire as a parent is to give your child the best possible treatment, and we do just that at A2Z Pediatrics. The heart of our practice is to make every child feel at home while receiving exceptional care, and to point them toward the highest quality of life possible.

    Newborn pediatric care clinic in Bolingbrook IL

    The certified doctors at A2Z strongly believe in the importance of attentive care from day one. Our newborn exams include physical assessments, breastfeeding support, parental education, and so much more.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

    Our board-certified team offers comprehensive assessments and tests to determine if your child deals with ADHD, depression or anxiety, autism, and more. From diagnosis, initial steps, treatment, and long-term management, we provide support and direction through it all.

    Adolescent Health teen doctors office in Bolingbook
    Adolescent Health

    A2Z provides pediatric care for children of all ages, including specialized care for adolescents. We educate about a variety of challenges such as alcohol, tobacco, pregnancy, healthy habits, acne, good sleep, and more.

    Immunization pediatric clinic in Bolingbrook, Illinois

    Our knowledgeable doctors firmly believe immunizations are essential to protecting your child’s health and well-being. To determine your child’s immunization status, schedule an appointment with our providers today.

    Weight management pediatric dietitian in Bolingbrook IL
    Weight Management

    At A2Z Pediatrics, we know childhood obesity is an increasing and dangerous issue. We strive to provide education and encouragement toward building healthy habits for an improved quality of life and to avoid future health complications.

    Nutritional Consultation pediatric nutritionist in Bolingbrook IL
    Nutritional Consultation

    If you have concerns about your child’s nutritional intake, our trained staff can play a vital role in helping your children develop healthy eating habits, excitement toward new foods, and more.

    High Risk Pediatric Care in Bolingbrook IL
    High Risk Pediatric Care

    Rest assured that our doctors at A2Z are knowledgeable in challenges that newborns who were born prematurely, with birth defects, or congenital diseases can face, and can coordinate any specialized care they may need.

    Sick visit pediatricians office in Bolingbrook IL
    Sick Visits

    For those times when your children need rapid medical attention during an illness, the doctors at A2Z Pediatrics will provide high-quality care plus parental education regarding management.

    Bolingbrook kids doctors office for seasonal allergies
    Seasonal Allergies

    For any child suffering with allergies, whether seasonal, diet-related, or other, A2Z can manage it all. We provide comprehensive care including evaluation, diagnosis, symptom relief, and long-term management for these conditions.

    Sports, School Physicals Well-Child Care Exams in Bolingbrook

    A2Z is certified to complete comprehensive annual physical exams, as well as school, camp, sports, or other physicals required for your child. Call our office to schedule your child’s physical today.

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