Beat the Rush – Get Your Sports Physical Early

Every parent knows the importance of getting their kids signed up for fall or spring sports. Equally important, however, is getting ahead of the rush and scheduling their physical with your pediatrician. Even if your children regularly receive wellness checks, they will need a special sports physical before registering for a school sport. Because appointment times fill up quickly, call your local pediatric clinic at (630) 755-5437 to schedule a time slot today!

The young mother with her daughter during the sports physical examination at the Bolinbrook pediatrician's clinic

What Is a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals are required in order to be able to play sports at any public or private school. They are specific to the health of your athlete as it relates directly to the sport they desire to play. The purpose is to assess whether or not your child is physically ready and healthy enough to participate in that chosen sport.

Why Is a Sports Physical Important?

Because sports physicals help identify potential risks of injury by checking health before sports participation, they are the first line of defense against injury. The pediatrician will check your child’s cardiac, neurological, and pulmonary health, among other aspects. Additionally, they will discuss any previous health history with you to better determine how your child’s body will respond to the physical demands of playing their sport.

Along with assessing your child’s physical health, the pediatrician will ensure your child has received their Bolingbrook immunizations, and counsel them on how to stay healthy and safe while playing their sport. By providing education about common injuries, your child will be aware of any symptoms indicating their body is under too much stress or facing a potential injury. If your child plays a contact sport such as football or soccer, the Bolingbrook allergy pediatrician may recommend periodic checks throughout the season to assess for any brain or neurological injury.

What Can I Expect During a Sports Physical?

Before arriving at your sports physical, we recommend writing down any medical history that may be pertinent. This includes injuries, illnesses, chronic conditions, surgeries, and more. It is also important to bring a list of any questions or concerns you have about your child’s athletic participation. Remember to bring the sports physical form from your child’s school website, to ensure the pediatrician performs a thorough assessment.

– Vitals: The pediatrician will begin the sports physical just like a normal wellness check, with vitals. They will check your child’s height and weight, along with blood pressure, respirations, pulse, and temperature. This provides an important baseline so your child’s doctor can determine in the future if playing sports has caused too much stress to your child’s body.

– Eyes: The pediatrician will assess your child’s vision to determine if they need a new prescription, corrective lenses, or a different prescription. Sports obviously involve a lot of movement, so your child’s ability to see correctly and clearly is of utmost importance.

– Medical History: The pediatrician will review your child’s medical history. This is the perfect time to address your list of questions or concerns, along with the list of pertinent medical history you prepared. This information will allow the doctor to pinpoint any potential issues and help your child remain healthy throughout their sports participation.

– Fitness: The pediatrician will then perform a physical assessment of your child’s joints, flexibility, strength, reflexes, heart and lungs, and abdomen. The purpose is to ensure your child is physically fit and ready to play their chosen sport, and allows their doctor to pinpoint any areas that may be more injury-prone due to weakness. If any problem areas present themselves, the pediatrician will provide education and recommendations to help your child strengthen and protect those higher-risk areas.

Bolingbrook Pediatrician

If your child needs a sports physical, take responsibility for their health and call Bolingbrook Pediatrician right away to schedule an appointment. Time slots fill up quickly, so do not delay! We can address any concerns you have about your child’s health and wellbeing, and determine if your child is physically ready to begin their sports participation. As five-star, board-certified pediatricians, Bolingbrook clinic embraces the concept of family-based healthcare and do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and welcome throughout your visit. Call us today at (630) 755-5437 to schedule your child’s sports physical!

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