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    Professional School Physical Examinations

    Before enrolling in schools, most districts require physical exams. Because of this stipulation, our clinic offers affordable, thorough school physical examinations. Make sure you and your child are prepared for the challenges they might face in the coming school year with a physical from A2Z Pediatrics.

    Initial Weight, Height & Blood Pressure Check

    Initial Weight, Height & Blood Pressure Check

    The procedure with typical school physicals include initial weight, height, and blood pressure checks to determine how the child’s body is performing and that they are progressing at a healthy and optimal rate.

    Coordination and Flexibility Examination

    Coordination & Flexibility Examination

    Checking your child’s flexibility and coordination is essential during a physical, especially for the purpose of enrolling them in sports at their school. Our pediatric clinic is thorough and detailed for every examination.

    Rule Out Any Major Health Concerns

    Rule Out Any Major Health Concerns

    A routine physical exam is essential for ruling out any major health concerns that could potentially affect your child. This could include conditions related to family health history such as diabetes, detect past injuries, and more.

    Monitor Important Physical And Mental Health Development Of Your Child

    Monitor Important Physical & Mental Health Development Of Your Child

    Examining your child’s mental health development is an essential part of the physical. Our Pediatricians are dedicated to covering every aspect of this exam.

    What To Expect During A Back To School Physical Exam

    If your child has never gotten a back to school physical exam, preparing them for the experience is essential for their comfort. This starts with a conversation between the parent, the child, and Dr. Khan at A2Z Pediatrics, followed by the following detailed assessments:

    Complete Assessment Of Your Child's Health

    Complete Assessment
    Of Your Child’s

    Experienced Pediatrician Advice & Information

    Experienced Pediatrician Advice & Information

    Ensure Your Child Has All The Correct Vaccinations

    Ensure Your Child Has All The Correct Vaccinations

    Affordable Sports Physicals

    Child Physical Examinations at our A2Z Pediatrics Clinic

    Our board certified pediatricians can provide you with a detailed, professional physical examinations so your child can meet the requirements necessary to enroll in sports. Our affordable sports physicals will consist of reviewing family health history, existing conditions, and any health concerns you may have about your child.

    Focused On Sport Injury Prevention

    Focused On Sport Injury Prevention

    Our team is highly focused on sports injury prevention, and during a sports physical, we can highlight potential injury risks and give your child advice on the protective gear and precautions you should take to keep your child from being injured when playing sports.

    Strength, Vision, Joint And Posture Evaluation

    Strength, Vision, Joint & Posture Evaluation

    A sports physical will also help us evaluate your child’s strength, vision, joints, and posture. This is essential for determining the physical capabilities of your child and if sports are the right option for them. Schedule an appointment with our pediatricians today.

    Detect Heart-Related Issues

    Detect Heart-Related Issues

    Heart related issues can be a major factor in how suited your child is to participating in school sports programs. Physicals for your child are important for determining the health risks that might be escalated should they take part in strenuous physical activity.

    Abdomen, Ear, Nose And Throat Examination

    Abdomen, Ear, Nose & Throat Examination

    An abdomen, ear, nose, and throat examination is another important factor during a sports physical. This is another essential stage in the process for determining your child’s overall health and their capabilities to take part in sports at their school.



    Why Choose A2Z Pediatrics?

    Over 40 Years Of Experience

    At A2Z Pediatrics, we specialize in child and family healthcare. We are conveniently located off the interstate highway I355 on Boughton Rd. Our mission is to provide excellent medical care in a patient-centered environment. We firmly embrace the concept of family based health care. Our ideology is shared by our staff and we take time to listen to you and your child to develop an appropriate care plan..

    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Top School Physical Exam in Bolingbrook on Google
    Five star Bolingbrook Sports Physical Exam on Yelp
    Recommended Bolingbrook Physical Examination on Facebook
    Best Bolingbrook School and Sports Physical Examination on Healthgrades

    Dr. Khan is phenomenal!! I highly recommend seeing her. She is so in tune with her practice, the children, and the parents. By far the best pediatrician we have seen for our little Lilith. Thank you for everything Dr. Khan!

    Ann Parobek

    Ann Parobek

    Me and my girls love Dr. Khan and her staff! Would definitely recommend her to everyone! She is so caring and explains everything so well! She is so patient with my daughters and will never go to anyone else!

    Angie Hernandez

    Angie Hernandez

    Dr. Khan is a helpful and a courteous doctor. I like the way she cares for my children. The staff is wonderful. They are very helpful and go a step further to help their patients and families. Families with children, I would recommend them to take them to A2Z Care Med-Peds Specialists.

    Litty Alukka

    Litty Alukka

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