Common Childhood Allergies to be Wary Of

Bolingbrook Pediatricians Explain The Various Types Of Kid Allergies

Allergies in kids are not usually expected. You may be enjoying a snack or spending time together and notice that your baby or toddler is now covered in red splotches and has watery eyes and nose. You rush to your Bolingbrook IL pediatrician in a panic, worried that some serious reaction is taking place or that your baby is seriously ill. But you find out that it is a simple allergy that can be managed by limiting exposure and taking over-the-counter remedies where appropriate.

Learning about common childhood allergies can help you know what to do if your child ever does have a reaction. You can also see a Bolingbrook allergy pediatrician for testing so that you know if your child is vulnerable. Here’s a look at some of the most common childhood allergens:

Pediatrician performing an allergy test on a child

Peanut Allergy

Peanuts are a common allergy for adults and children. However, the incidence fades in adulthood as some children eventually outgrow the allergy. The reaction to a peanut allergy can be quite severe, including anaphylaxis, which involves the closing of the airway and can lead to death.

If allergy testing reveals that your child has a peanut allergy, it’s important to carefully monitor foods. Peanuts can be found in foods you may not think have them, such as baked goods, oils (and anything made with oil), and many candies.

Shellfish Allergy

Shellfish is another common allergen for children and adults. Fortunately, not a lot of young children eat shellfish. Unfortunately, that may mean that you think your child does not have allergies, only to discover the problem later in life when they become more adventurous eaters.

When your child is ready to eat shellfish – including lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels, oysters, squid, or octopus – keep the portion small and watch closely for signs of a reaction, including itchy eyes, red spots or rash, difficulty breathing, or a runny nose.

Dog & Cat Allergies

All kinds of pets carry allergens, but especially dogs and cats, which have dander. Dogs and cats can also bring in allergens from outside, such as pollen and hayseed. If you are thinking of getting a new pet, it’s best to have a series of visits with the pet ahead of time to determine if anyone in the family has any allergies. If you notice a reaction, that doesn’t mean that pets are out of your future. You just need to focus on pets that don’t have allergens.

Talk to your Bolingbrook IL pediatrician about what type of allergy your child has and what pets might be possible to avoid a reaction.

Allergic Reactions To Bug Bites & Stings

Many insects can cause allergic reactions. Stinging bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps are among the most common. They can cause serious allergic reactions with their stings. However, many other insects can cause allergic reactions through their bites or stings, as well as their feces or other detritus they create in your home, including ants and cockroaches.

Get immediate medical attention if your child has a reaction to an insect sting or bite. If you notice that your child is having an allergic reaction in your home and you can’t figure out why, visit your pediatrician for allergy testing.

Metal Allergies: Nickel, Gold & Cobalt

Metal can also cause an allergic reaction. Common metals to cause a problem include nickel, gold, and cobalt. Kids can get exposure to these metals through jewelry or through common household appliances. Keep an eye out for reactions if your kids wear jewelry, such as earrings or a necklace or bracelet.

There are dozens of allergens that can cause a reaction in your child, and you can’t defend against them all without knowing that your child is allergic – and you usually don’t know your child is allergic to something until there is a reaction. What you can do is be vigilant in monitoring for symptoms, and you can talk to a Bolingbrook allergy pediatrician about comprehensive allergy testing.

A2Z Pediatrics is a Bolingbrook allergy pediatrician, and we can help you discover your child’s allergies (if any) and give you counsel about how to manage them. We offer comprehensive testing, and we can prescribe medication to manage allergic reactions. We also offer routine wellness checks, immunizations, and newborn visits. We can also help to diagnose and treat ADHD. Call us today to schedule a visit with a Bolingbrook IL pediatrician.


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