We now offer Immigration Medical Exams at A to Z Pediatrics. The process involves completing Form I-693 and acquiring the labs necessary to appear for the written examination. Our office provides same-day or next-day appointments, and you can schedule one online. It is a requirement that applicants for permanent residence undergo an Immigration Medical Exam to ensure that they are not a health hazard to U.S. citizens. Individuals applying for citizenship, permanent residency, or a Green Card may be required to undergo an immigration physical to have their applications approved. The Civil Surgeons of Bolingbrook IL pediatricians are authorized to conduct medical exams and administer vaccines during the examination. To apply for a change of status, one must undergo a medical exam. A physical exam can help determine whether further treatment is necessary for unexplained health conditions.


Please Bring The Following Items With You to Your Appointment:

  • If you have previously been diagnosed with tuberculosis or treated for the disease, please provide your Tuberculosis test results or treatment records
  • Government-issued ID cards, including passports and driver’s licenses, are acceptable·
  • An official record of vaccinations.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Immunization Requirements 


Each applicant’s vaccination records are reviewed and documented using an I-693 form, and we can provide any vaccinations necessary. (Please note: vaccinations may incur a fee.)

The results of an individual’s Exam are based on:

  • A brief history of medical conditions and vaccinations
  • Immunity testing in laboratories

o    A titer test is done in the office to determine whether you are immune to certain illnesses and vaccinations you may have received previously, such as Chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis A and B.


A bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for tuberculosis. An infection of the lungs usually causes tuberculosis, but it may sometimes spread to other organs. For these reasons, all applicants over two must undergo an immigration medical examination. If the test results indicate that TB is present, a chest x-ray may be required. The Quantiferon test is a method of detecting tuberculosis. Traditionally, tuberculosis skin tests (TST) were the most commonly used test for tuberculosis. TSTs are not permitted by immigration at this time.

Tests of blood and urine are required

On the I-693 form, applicants 15 and older also need to submit Syphilis and Gonorrhea tests. Both Syphilis and Gonorrhea remain common worldwide infections in addition to being contagious. A clean bill of health is only given to applicants who are negative and nonreactive to these tests. If needed, A to Z Pediatrics can treat Syphilis.

There is also the possibility of determining whether you have Gonorrhea by a simple urine test. Applicants who demonstrate positive results (abnormalities) should be referred for treatment. It is necessary to administer specific antibiotics appropriately to treat Gonorrhea and Syphilis.


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