Skip the Kiosk in the Mall – Get Medical Grade Ear Piercings From the Doctor

What to Consider Before Having Your Child’s Ears Pierced

Ear piercing is a common practice for children of all ages, including infants. While there is not a medically necessary reason, it is usually done for cosmetic or cultural reasons. You may be surprised to learn that your Bolingbrook, IL pediatrician is actually the best choice for anyone looking to get their child’s ears pierced. Continue reading to learn more about why this is the best course of action.

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The Risks

There are quite a few risks involved with ear piercings for kids. The likelihood of these risks developing is certainly much lower when your Bolingbrook pediatric clinic does the piercing, but the risks are still there nonetheless.


The most common issue with piercings is the risk of infection, and that risk is greater with children, especially young children. They are not old enough to be responsible with the piercing and care for it correctly, so it is entirely up to the parent to keep the piercing area clean and healthy.

If an infant gets their ears pierced and develops an infection with a fever, they must be admitted to the hospital if they are younger than 3 months. This is simply because they are so young with such a new immune system, they must be watched closely until the infection is resolved. Most pediatricians will not pierce the ears of anyone younger than 3 months, to ensure their body is strong enough to handle any possible infection.


Another risk associated with ear piercings is the risk of an allergic reaction to the earring material. Most earring metals contain nickel, which happens to be a common allergen for many people. Experts recommend wearing earrings made from gold, titanium, or surgical steel.


Anyone who gets an ear piercing, especially children, are at risk for tearing their ears at the piercing site. The earring can easily get snagged on clothing or hair and rip right out of the ear. Typically this is an issue with long, dangly earrings, so experts recommend that children only wear studs or huggies until they are more mature and responsible.

Why the Pediatrician Is Best

Though there are always risks for ear piercings, especially with children, these risks can be greatly minimized by having your pediatrician do it. Many people prefer to go to a jewelry store chain such as Claire’s, or the kiosk in the mall, simply because it is cheaper and faster. Keep in mind that the fee is usually very minimal and typically includes the cost of the earrings being used for the piercing. Using your pediatrician in Bolingbrook is a much smarter choice for many reasons.

– Established History: Taking your child to your regular pediatrician for an ear piercing means the doctor already knows your child and their medical history. They will be familiar with your child’s responses and their level of comfort regarding minor pain. Your child is likely to be much more comfortable with their trusted doctor, rather than a stranger at the mall kiosk.

– Best Equipment: Your pediatrician will have the best equipment for the piercing. They will have access to a medical-grade piercer rather than the standard piercing gun you see at the mall or retail stores. Additionally, you can trust that your pediatrician will use a nickel-free earring to reduce the risk of allergic reaction.

– Medical Professional: Lastly, your pediatrician is a trained medical professional with all the right tools and knowledge to give your child the best care in every aspect of their lives. This includes ear piercings! They will give you clear care instructions and be available for any necessary follow-up care in the days and weeks following the piercing.

Piercing Care Tips & Safety

After piercing your child’s ears, your Bolingbrook allergy pediatrician will provide clear instructions for caring for the piercing. It is important to follow these instructions closely, as the risk of infection following a piercing is fairly high. Here are the basics:

– Leave the earrings in your ear for a minimum of 6 weeks following the piercing. This allows the hole to heal through. If the earrings are removed too soon, the hole could close up as it finishes the healing process.

-Only use studs or post earrings for the first several months, to ensure the hole is fully healed. Children especially should wear studs until they are more mature and responsible.

– Be sure to never touch the piercing unless you are cleaning it.

– Always wash your hands before cleaning the piercing.

– Regularly clean your ear piercings 2-3 times daily. Use alcohol or a specialized piercing cleaner on the front and back of the piercing.

– Be sure the back is not on too tightly during the healing process.
When cleaning the earring, be sure to rotate the post gently. This is the only time the earring should be twisted or rotated.

– Be gentle when brushing or styling your hair around your ears.

– Stay out of hot tubs, pools, lakes, and other bodies of water until the piercing is healed. The risk of infection is much greater when exposed to standing water. If your child does go swimming, be sure to thoroughly clean the piercing immediately afterward.

– Watch closely for any signs of infection including fever, discharge, redness, swelling, or extreme pain. Contact your pediatrician immediately if any of these signs appear.

Bolingbrook Pediatrician

When your child is ready to get their ears pierced, make an appointment with Bolingbrook Pediatrician. Our board-certified team of doctors and nurses will ensure your child is comfortable and ready for the piercing process, and will ensure you have clear instructions for follow-up care. As a five-star rated pediatric clinic, our goal is to provide the best possible care for your child in every area of their health. To learn more about our piercing services or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (630) 755-5437.

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